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Ultrasound and signal processing

Ultrasound and signal processing

We provide ultrasound and signal processing solutions within oil & gasmedical,  industrial and  maritime technologies, and can take on R&D projects, design and manufacturing of new technology, or evaluation and improvement of existing technology.

InPhase Solutions was formed in 2011 and our team is highly competent, holding MSc or PhD degrees, with extensive experience from academia and industry. We are a strong multidisciplinary team that combines an academic/analytical approach with industrial and business oriented thinking in order to develop new cutting edge technology or improve existing products.

Our knowledge ranges from general acoustics, signal modeling and processing, algorithm development, image processing, transducer design and manufacturing, Doppler methods and hardware electronics to system evaluation, technology implementation and complete system design and development, strategic technology decisions and management of technology development projects.

Maritime applications

Oil & Gas

Medical ultrasound

Industrial applications