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Maritime applications

Maritime applications

The InPhase team has experience from projects related to aquaculture and imaging of underwater installations. The use cases for ultrasound technologies span diverse applications like cultured fish diagnostics, chain inspection and testing, and preventing biological fouling of submerged equipment. We can provide technology development services for applications of ultrasound above and below water. Here are some examples from current and past projects:

Fish health

Ultrasonic imaging can be deployed to determine fish sex and health parameters for optimizing growth and quality. Automated ultrasound recording systems combined with computer vision can significantly enhance efficiency and capabilities. InPhase is developing a system for automated data recording and classification with funding from Innovation Norway. Read more!

Underwater inspection

InPhase is developing an ultrasonic system for inspection of marine structures. The resulting high-resolution images can be used to detect and characterize damage to critical equipment, for example chains and nets. The application areas include fish-farms, subsea processing infrastructure related to petroleum production, and quay facilities. Read more!

Ultrasonic anti-fouling

InPhase is developing a novel technology for prevention of marine growth on underwater structures. The application of a high-frequency, high-amplitude guided elastic wave can significantly slow or prevent growth of submarine organisms on e.g. ship hulls and fish cages. Read more!