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InPhase Solutions joins the NCE Instrumentation cluster

InPhase Solutions joins the NCE Instrumentation cluster

Trondheim 2012-10-25

Today, InPhase Solutions AS signed the contract and joined the Norwegian Centre of Expertise Instrumentation (NCEI) cluster in Trondheim.

Norwegian Centres of Expertise (NCE) is a governmental innovation program which aims to build clusters of companies and specialist environments that are able to compete internationally.

NCE Instrumentation is one of twelve clusters in the NCE Programme and represents high-tech knowledge within the field of industrial instrumentation. The partners are suppliers of instrumentation, management- and automation solutions for a large a number of applications.

NCE is jointly owned and implemented by the three main Norwegian innovation agencies:

Innovation Norway, the Research Council of Norway and SIVA.

The core companies of NCE Instrumentation are world leading in their respective fields, delivering electronics, sensoring and instrumentation solutions for e.g. oil and gas, maritime, medical, renewable energy, navigation and positioning, and subsea.

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