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Amirfereydoon Mansoori

Amir received his MSc degree in Microsystems (MEMS) in 2018 from the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), where, he is currently completing a PhD degree in Micro and Nano Systems, specializing in the design and characterization of piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers (PMUTs). During his graduate studies, he interned with GE Healthcare in Nice, France working on piezoelectric material characterization, and with TDK InvenSense in Milan, Italy focusing on PMUT design and validation for next-generation ultrasonic fingerprint sensors.

Amir is working as a Consultant at InPhase Solutions AS

Key competence:

  • Ultrasonic transducer array design and modeling (Piezo/CMUT/PMUT)
  • Ultrasonic/Piezoelectric MEMS devices
  • Acoustic simulations
  • Transducer measurements and characterization