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IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium in Kobe, Japan

IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium in Kobe, Japan

2018-11-21, Trondheim

Tore Bjåstad (to the left) and Petter Norli (to the right) presenting at the IEEE IUS Conference.

In October, Tore Bjåstad travelled to the IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS) in Kobe, Japan. 

Here he presented together with Petter Norli from Halfwave the new paper "Ultrasonic detection of stress corrosion cracks in pipe samples using guided waves.". 

Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) is a well-known degredation process for metals and alloys, and the chemical environment that causes SCC for a given alloy is often one which is only mildly corrosive to the metal. This means that metal parts which appear to be ok, might actually be filled with microscopic cracks. Hence, unexpected and devastating failures occur due to undetected SCC. This is a serious problem in gas pipelines, and with today's in-line inspection technologies the detection of these cracks is difficult to do. In this paper the experimental detection of SCC is successfully demonstrated by using guided waves and broad band ultrasound based on Halfwave's ART Scan tool.

The paper received a lot of attention and good feedback from the other attendees! 

Well done by the authors; Petter Norli, Martijn Frijlink, Øyvind K.-V. Standal, Tore Grüner Bjåstad, Fabrice Prieur and Emilie Vallée!