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Software development and computer simulations

Software development and computer simulations

Example field pattern from k-Wave toolbox.

Numerical modeling and scientific computing are essential parts of innovation. The development of advanced technologies relies on scientists and engineers that can create specialized software to solve complex problems in e.g. imaging and parameter estimation, signal processing, characterization, and prediction. InPhase Solutions have broad experience in the development of numerical software for modeling, visualization, and analysis. Our consultants have a strong background in applied mathematics, physics, electronics, medical imaging, wave phenomena, and computer science. They have experience from both academia and industry. Contact us to discuss how we can support your project.

Example projects:

  • Develop and enhance signal processing software
  • Multiphysics simulations
  • Refactoring and improving algorithms and legacy source code
  • Application of data capture and machine learning for image feature recognition and classification
  • Implementation of statistical analysis and visualization tools for large datasets
  • Software verification and validation

Our programming language experience:

  • Matlab
  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Fortran
  • Julia
  • etc.

Our experience with development tools and technologies:

  • Comsol
  • Machine learning (Keras, TensorFlow)
  • GUIs using Qt and Matlab
  • Atlassian suite of development tools
  • Git, svn
  • Parallel computing using OpenMP and MPI
  • …and many more!

Contact us to discuss how InPhase can support your development project!