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Technical investigations, reports, grant applications

Technical investigations, reports, grant applications

An investigation into the performance or behavior of a system is often required to support important decision-making or evaluating technology for deployment. InPhase Solutions can contribute to projects where simulations and studies of physical processes are required to understand for example signal propagation and noise, environmental effects, and expected life of components. We have experience in computer simulation and statistical data analysis with application to acoustics, seismic and sonar, and electromagnetics. InPhase Solutions can also facilitate testing in experimental systems and has access to in-house ultrasound equipment.

Substantiated presentation of a technology is also important in e.g. grant application processes and to meet documentation requirements. We can support reporting and documentation processes.

Example projects:

  • Analyzing building acoustics and numerical modeling of sound propagation
  • Experimental characterization of materials and building components
  • Analyze technical background for patents and evaluate claims and prior art
  • Review and compose grant applications
  • Design of sensor systems for monitoring of a production line

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