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Aluminum Inspection

Aluminum Inspection

InPhase Solutions is proud to have contributed to the development and launch of an automated aluminum billet Ultrasonic Inspection System for the aluminum industry together with TC Engineering and VisionTech
“The aluminum Ultrasonic Inspection System represents an innovation for automated aluminum inspection. It is incredibly fast, and can provide full volume scanning for flaw detection in billets of up to 7.8 m length in only 95 seconds. It is fully automated, self-diagnosing, and provides automatic reports on detected flaws, but also on billet lengths and diameter for full control of production volumes”, states InPhase CTO Marco M. Voormolen.
InPhase Solutions has been responsible for the design and implementation of the ultrasound technology on board the system, VisionTech has designed and implemented the automation, and TC Engineering has been responsible for the mechanical design and overall project management.
“With further development, we believe this system can become a game changer for automated production quality assurance in the aluminum industry, leading to a potential large reduction on reprocessing of aluminum due to quality issues. This would represent an important opportunity for the industry to save costs and to reduce the environmental impact due to unnecessary reprocessing of aluminum”, comments former InPhase CEO Svein-Erik Måsøy.


  • Automated quality inspection when processing aluminum 
The system is marketed by TC Engineering which has served the aluminum industry for almost two decades.